* Professional, sterile, high-quality and vegan disposable material, since 1991 *
* Professional covers of no longer desired tattoos *
* Improvement of old or bad tattoos *
* Huge selection of self-designed tattoo motives and templates *
* Creation of special desired, exclusive, individual and personal tattoos, according to customers requests *
* UV tattoos and UV piercing jewelleries (visible and luminous under black light) *
* Microdermals – Dermal Anchors *
* Wide range of jewelry models and materials *
* Permanent make-up with long lasting colors *
* Individually tattoos and piercings in all styles, sizes and colors *
* Detailed free pre- and post- treatment consultations, in comfortable and friendly atmosphere *
* 100% privacy in separate treatment rooms *


Welcome to the website of BloodyMary's Tattoo & Piercing studio.
I'm Mary, the owner of this studio.
Here you can read something about me and how I usually work.

I was born and raised in Florence (the city of arts), where I also successfully accomplished the Academy of Arts.
I started this wonderful job in 1989, working in different studios in Italy and since 1999 working in my own one in Germany.
In the meantime, I also give courses for art-talented persons who like to learn this profession.


My activities in the studio are various: tattoos, piercings, microdermals, permanent make-up,
but also renew old tattoos, or cover no longer desired tattoos with new ones.

I decided to work alone, as I am a perfectionist and prefer to take all the responsability into my own hands,
that’s the best way I can garantee high standards and quality.
That’s a sure profit for the customers, as all the work that can be found on my site, are been made by me personally.
In this way, there are no risks to get a tattoo from a beginner or an incapable guest tattoo artists.
I mainly tattoo only individual pieces, according to special customer wishes.
Since I live vegan, of course with high-quality-
vegan colors and vegan working materials.


Procedure for Tattoos:

In order to respond precisely to customer expectations, the customer’s wishes get first discussed at an agreed consultation,
which can be arranged quickly and easily by telephone.
In the following days, the tattoo get first sketched on paper, then sent to the customer and waited for the feedback.
The motive get further refined and on request even perfectioned through further details,
until it fully meets the customer’s expectations.
Only when the picture matches in full the customer’s wishes, will be tattooed on the agreed date.

This way of working takes for sure a lot of time,
it is very important to me that my customers do not make mistakes in the choice of motives or of the body locations.
With this kind of approach are low prices unfortunately not possible, but a life long satisfaction is garanteed.
Even the control after the healing process (with appropriate care rarely needed), is included in the price.

There is no more guarantee I could offer.

Tattoo Extensions:

Do you want to expand your tattoo at a later date?
No problem:

The original drawing is stored in your customer card, so that a perfect extension is possible at any time.
You can see in advance on paper, how the new tattoo matches together with the existing one and then decide to
carry out or to amend this proposed enlargement.

As you can see, I’m absolutely not a fan of spontaneous actions.
My professional experience showed me often that this is the right way, and my many loyal customers, agree with me.

A tattoo is for a lifetime!


In my studio come often inexperienced people asking for solution,
because they choose the wrong artist or the wrong tattoos and t
he result does not correspond to the desired and expected motive,
nor does it even fit them.

In order to help these people, I also specialize in cover-ups.


I work with UV-Colours since 2000, of course only with harmless and vegan tested and approved colors.

UV colors are available in all shades which are also known as fluorescent markers.
With them you can fill tattoos-areas that you want to be coloured.

In addition there is a transparent color, that is only visible under UV light shining in light blue.
This allows contours for black fonts, or highlights
(for example, shining stars as background of a motive, as well as shining eyes in animals),
but also completely invisible tattoos, that only become visible under UV light are possible.

Permanent Make-Up:

 Already as a child I was alwas able to beautify people.
This is definitly also one of my favourite activities.
One of the most important things is, that the colour possibility and the shapes of the area which should get tattooed,
have to be discussed in detail with the customer at an extra appointment, and sketched out

to be able to assess individually which ones fit best.

Since tattoo colors are used for this purpose, th
e known fading is not given within a few months.

These colors are permanent.
Only by the usual peeling of the skin and the exposure of the intense UV rays, results a slightly fading after years.

On request, the procedure can be carried out under a light anaesthesia of the skin surface.


I pierce nearly all kinds of piercings and also insert Microdermals (Dermal Anchors).
On request, this can be done under anesthesia, by needleless injection procedures (further info on the piercing page).

Before I pierce, I always offer a detailed consultation and guidance which includes all advices (approx. 30 minutes)
and important information about possible risks, healing time, care effort etc., answering to all the questions the customer has.

In my studio, the first-use jewelry is for free.
Small, discreet crystals , especially in the facial area, are used as standard.
On request, this first insert jewellery can be freely selected as precious jewellery (for example gold with diamonds) at an additional cost.
The choice of jewelry is huge. From all kinds of models to all high-quality materials:
Gold 750%-18Kt, Antibacterial Silver 925%, Titanium G23, Implantanium, PTFE, PMME, etc…
On request, individual jewellery can also be ordered.

The appropriate care products are of course also included in the price, as well as the care during the entire healing phase.

Personal card:

Every customer get a personal card.
In your files are not only stores your original tattoo draws (to plan an easier procedure for possible extensions),
but also important and necessary information about your piercings.

Jewellery type, material, length, thickness, and even possible allergies of the customer.
This also helps to determine the correct individual care if problems occur during the healing process.
Information about the purchased and necessary jewelry is also handed out after each piercing upon customer request,
so that every customer can choose the right jewelry later in other shops.

Also very important:
Have you lost your jewelry at a wild party and you can’t find the sheet with the dates of your jewelry anymore?
It’s enough to call me in the studio and give me your card No.
After a look in your files I can give you all the necessary informations, so that you can buy a jewelry which fits wherever you are.

The customer card also allows discounts of up to 20% on products and services.

In addition, the customer card gives the possibility to receive loyalty vouchers.


Do you have any unanswered questions? Just call. 🙂

As you can see, extraordinary tattoo-whishes are not a problem for me, they are rather the usual daily practice.

I would be very happy to see you soon in my studio.

Until then, I wish you a nice time…

A presto,  

* BloodyMary *