white colour only visible in black / UV light

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ATTENTION: This tattoo was not executed in my studio.
Images of UV tattoos will be inserted as soon as they are completed.

In my studio, I only use non-toxic UV tattoo colours (which glow under UV light)
certified not to contain AZO pigments.

These colours / pigments
* contain NO phosphoros
* are not radio-active *
* contain NO EverGlow and *
* do not cause cancer! *

Tattoo pigments have been recognised as legal cosmetic materials in Germany since 1st September 2005. BMXMETRIX System-100 (BMX 1000 TM) is a photo-optical state-of-the-art marking-mixture, and has USFDA recognition as a special marking pigment (SMP) TM.

Since 1995, this highly robust marking material has been saferly used - WITHOUT - any negative consequences. It was carefully developed to ensure biological compatibility and safe execution.

In daylight, photonic tattoos show normal colours; but when exposed to black light, they develop an intensive glow. UV colours are tattooed just like other tattoo colours, except that the white colour can only be done unter black light. The UV colours are barely visible in daylight.

This colouring has been legally allowed by the DFA as a special tattoo pigment for markings on edible animals and fish - and has been (also) tested on humans for 10 years without any negative reactions.

97,5% Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and 2,5% microscopic, fluorescent pigment, diluted in sterile, destilled water - without any conservation or chemical additives.