Hi! I am Mary, the owner of this studio.

Here you can find out about me and my job.

* professional work with sterile, high-quality, disposable material since 1991 *
* professional cover-ups of bad tattoos with new images *
* corrections of old, faded, badly executed tattoos *
* wide selection of tattoo designs as well as own design drawings *
* tattoo-design according to individual customer specifications *
* execution of unique tattoos *
* UV tattoos (glow in black / UV light) and UV piercing jewellery*
* wide range of jewellery models and materials *
* permanent make-up with durable colours*
* extensive, free-of-charge pre- and aftertreatment councelling *
* comfortable surroundings and friendly atmosphere *
* 100% privacy in seperate treatment rooms *
* tattoos and piercings in all styles, sizes and colours for all tastes *

I have been doing tattoos since 1991 and am the only tattoo artist / piercer who works in this studio. Why this?

Well ... this is the only way I can guarantee to 100% that my customers get good tattoos /
piercings and a maximum of hygiene; and to avoid horrendous tattoos done by incapable tattoo artists, I rather work alone.

I studied art at the Academy of Arts in Florence (my home town in Italy) and worked privately as well as part-time for 6 years in several tattoo studios. In 1996 I moved to Germany, where I worked in a biker shop as tattoo artist / piercer for 2 years to get additional recognition in Germany. Thereafter, I opened a small studio in Kempten, which I kept running for over 3 years. But this was not enough. I wanted more ... something, which would differentiate me from all the other studios - more professionality!

In July 2001, I opened up one of the biggest and most professional tattoo & piercing studios in Germany, and was able to offer the best in furnishing, comfort and working materials.

This is what it looked like back then ...

However, I still missed something, and because the studio was so secluded, only my regular customers kept returning. Of course, I was happy, but a bit of diversion would have suited me well. So I decided to move towards the centre of town.

Since July 2006, I now run a studio in the pedestrian zone, the most central part of Kempten, in the shopping centre "Illerkauf". Now I am very satisfied, my studio looks super, my customers feel well, my friends visit me frequently and I see new faces every day.

... and this is what it looks like today:

If you want to convince yourself, come around - I am happy about all visitors!
I have worked hard for this and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.