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Blackline Double PearlbellJewelled EternitybellTitanium BananabellTitanium CandybellsMetal Mesh BananabellTitanium Diabell
Of course, I also offer a wide range of jewellery for all body regions
as well as diverse decoration material in the studio itself.
Babycone nostril studBall nostril studJewelled cone nostril studJewelled nostril studMicro nostril stud
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Glass pointer talonGlass serpentinaGlass twistGlass vampire ringSpiked necklaceGold nipple star
Titanium imagebellTitanium enernitybellJewelled bananabellTitanium snowbellTitanium sparklers
Titanium body spiralTitanium candy spiralJewelled body spiralTitanium fimo spiralPunkball body spiralTitanium zebra spiral
Crystal star ringDevil ringTribal image ringSacred heart ringTyre track ring
Titanium flesh tubeTitaium flesh tunnelJewelled flesh tunnelLaser cut canisterTitanium plugTitanium snow tunnel
Wildlife barbellLightning barbellNautical barbelltitanium rattlebellSaturn barbell