Additionally to actually piercing, I offer ...

* a great variety of high-quality piercing jewellery *
* only the best materials *
* free assistance during the healing process *


* Use a cotton earbud soaked in antiseptic solution (i.e "Octenisept") to clean your new piercing on both ends and to remove crusts.
* Dry the piercing with a new cotton earbud and apply antiseptic cream (i.e. "PVP Jod–Ratiopharm") Repeat this 3 times daily for a week.
* Always dry off carefully after taking a bath or shower.

Clean and disinfect for the next 2 to 3 weeks and keep the piercing covered with a sterile plaster or gauze. Do not let it get into contact with clothing or similar while healing. Keep away from public swimming pools until the piercing has healed completely.


Inside of the mouth:
For one week, rinse often for 30 - 60 seconds with an antibacterial mouthwash (i.e. "Meridol"). Especially after eating, drinking, smoking ... (this could be a good time to consider quitting :-)

Outside of the mouth:
Same procedure as above. Smoke as little as possible (especially during the first week) and avoid oral sex as well as french kissing during the healing process.

It's in your own interest to keep to these rules. Thanks!

* BloodyMary *