* Lips too thin? * Eyebrows too pale? * Eyes seem to small? *

Make-up can help ... but what to do
... when you go swimming or do sports that smudge your make-up?
... when your hands are too shaky to do that special make-up you'd like?
... when you need glasses, and can't see enough without them to apply your make-up?

Or simply look as good in the morning as the night before?

All of this is now possible - Permanent make-up is the solution!
I offer a free, noncommital make-up test for all persons interested.



* more expressive eyes via eyeliner *
* accentuation of eyelashes via eyeshadow *

* correction of malformed / non-existant eyebrows *
* intensification of thin / light eyebrows*

* correction of asymmetrical lips *
* intensification or alteration of lip contours*
* optical enlargement of thin lips*

as well as
* optical improvement of small birthmarks or congenital defects *